Berlin long sleeve shirt with Listening Station

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Listening station on Teufelsberg

The new Berlin long sleeve shirt shows the Devil's Mountain in Berlin: The motif shows the listening station on the Devil's Mountain in the Berlin Grunewald. The new motif is available in many colors.
In the depths of the West Berliner Grunewald rises The notorious Devil's Mountain. The rubble mountain, artificially piled up in the 1950s, is composed of almost one third of all bombed houses in Berlin. On its tip, the US armed forces built one of their most important listening stations during the Cold War. When the city, separated by the Iron Curtain, was the capital of spies, from here almost all Eastern Europe was monitored by the NSA. Today the ruins belong to the alternative excursion destination of the young Berliners, who climb the mountain in snow-rich winters to zusausen with the cuts.

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